Art Hotels

We believe Art is a commond good therefore, we offer opportunity to Art Hotels to publish their Art Collection online and make it accessible to anyone.

The Hotel's Art Collection

Among famous private art collections, travelers and tourists can easily admire artworks exhibited in Hotels. By chance, some of them have booked a room in an Art Hotel without have the information. On booking platforms, you can find a lot of filters but nothing concerning Art & Culture. However for some reasons, guests would be interested to have access to others information like Art exhibitions or artists in residence.
A growing number of Hotels plan to communicate on their Art Collection and their artistic activity to attract people and enhance their reputation. Uart is a support for Hotels to publish their Collection and share a sample of their pieces of Art. They are present on the global map of Art and Art lovers or travelers can easily know them.
Art is everywhere. Don't miss Art around you!

How bring visibility to the Hotel?

Create a profile for your Hotel on Uart and start to upload images of your artworks. If you want to gain in visibility in your city, don't forget to notify the adress of your hotel. By geo-location, a tourist just coming in your city will find your hotel easily.
For each artwork, communication team have the possibility to add informations about artists, medium and stories around the piece of art.

Why should I share my Art Collection online?

You have built an great Art Collection. Congratulations! Because you are contributing to the artistic creation. You are supporting artists and art galleries.
Art is a common good. You have the mission to make known all of artists you are supporting and each piece of Art you have collected. Art is the essence of humanity so everyone should have access to Art Collections.

How use Uart for my Hotel?

If you are proud of this Art Collection, probably you are looking for channels to diffuse it.
As Uart is a dedicated platform for Art Collections, we offer to Hotels a turnkey solution to publish online their artworks. On an Art Collection profile, each collector could add information about the Hotel. This paragraph could, for instance, answer to the question: "Why do you have an Art Collection?" or "How important your Art Collection is for your Hotel?"
Example of the Broomhill Art Hotel
Then, each page is designed like a frame for your artworks.
Few information about each artwork, not too much. Of course, if you click on an artwork, the artwork has seen full screen. Of course, we encourage Collectors and Art Curators to add more information about each artwork or the artist if they have to enrich their Art Collections. The more information you had, the best SEO you have. It depends of your contribution. Uart is a frame to enlight your Art Collection. Our team of specialist could advise you to improve your Art Collection profile.
The first step is done.
What is exciting to have artworks on an Hotel is to enjoy Art around you day and night. You can live and spend a moment with Art. The artworks is in situ not just in a large room like for an exhibition. We draw the scenography of your artwork to attention by publishing not only artworks but also images "around the collection". It means picture of inside your Hotel.
Of course, your Art page on Uart is a first step to open your Art Hotel online and allow visitors, guests to discover Art.
Your profile is complete. Enjoy and share now!

How to benefit from a greater audience on my Collection?

We encourage Hotels to communicate on the Art Collection in their newsletter or their emailing.
Art is powerful way to attract and to fidelize clientele. Because Art is a mix between affects and taste, your Art Collection is strong reason for guests to keep a relation with your Hotel. The guests are looking for experiences and you can offer that to them.
Give an access directly from your website to your Uart's page
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