Art is a common good. So, we believe Art should be accessible for anyone. That’s why we have created Uart, the platform to showcase Art Collections.

What is Uart?

Uart is the first digital platform dedicated to Art Collections. On, anyone, private collectors tocompanies, can publish and share their Art Collection on a dedicated page.
Uart is accessible for any art lover. As we are convinced that Art should be visible, any collector could gratuitously share a sample of artworks from their collection.
Uart is a growing library of Art Collections geolocalized on the global map of Art.

Make your Art Collection accessible in 3 steps

Art is a common good that's why we believe digital technologies should provide an easy and open access to Art Collections.
You can display your Art Collection on Uart in just 3 steps:
  1. 1.
    Create your page with a unique url (e.g. )
  2. 2.
    Select the high definition image of each artwork from your library
  3. 3.
    Import your images and share the link with your network

How can I use the platform to discover Art?

The global map of Art is there to help you navigate through different Art Collections. You can browse Art Collections by type or by location.
For example, if you plan a trip to Italy, we recommend discovering the collection of Art Hotels listed on Uart. Each trip is like an Art journey. Obviously, an art lover is looking for art galleries, museums and exhibitions, but discovering unknown artworks and hidden art collections that are all around us, transforms the entire trip into a true experience.
However if you are looking for something in particular, you can make a search by the navigation bar or search by type of collections, artworks, medium...

What kind of Art Collections can I find on Uart?

Uart is the platform to unveil Art Collections. Art is everywhere... On the street, in the lobby of a Bank, in a family property. Many Art Collectors wish to showcase their Art for philanthropic and/or communication motives. Still, 99% of Art remains hidden.
  • Social media are not designed to publish Art
  • Creating and maintaining your own virtual art gallery online is not so simple
  • Individual virtual art galleries remain isolated
Uart takes advantage of most recent digital technologies to offer Art Collectors a simple way of showcasing their Art. Whether for philanthropic or communication motives, Uart is the place to unveil great Art Collections.
A variety of Art Collections is displayed on : Hotels, restaurants, banks, airports, private owners... Art is everywhere.
Enjoying Art is probably one of the most pleasant experiences on earth.
Amongst thousands Art Collections accessible on Uart, art lovers enjoy Art from for example the Lungarno Art Hotel and more hotels in Italy.

Join the sharing Art movement

You have a collection? Digital is a way to open it to grant public.
You increase your philanthropic position by having access to any art lover to your Art. Publish your Art Collection increase your visibility and reinforce your communication. Because, your are also convinced that Art is a common good, open generously your Collection online.
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